ISOAgLib contains the full amount of standard functions related to electronic communication in mobile machinery according to the norm ISO 11783. Besides the ordinary protocol and network function (ISO 11783, parts 3,5) ISOAgLib also comprises the upper functionalities of the standard such as VT clients (part 6), Tractor ECU (part 7/9), TaskController Client (part 10), File Server Client (part 13) and ISB-Client (part 7).

In order to use ISOAgLib, it needs to be ported to the respective ECU. There are several platforms that are already supported by ISOAgLib. However we also adapt the ISOAgLib to new platforms on demand.

In addition OSB offers workshops and support contracts in terms of maintenance and development service. Of course, OSB is able take over the full range of system development. You might benefit by an open control system as well as by an transparent development process.

Please feel free to ask for more information on our ISOAgLib products: workshops, support, maintenance, porting, development, vt-designer and our special interest terminal-side software like VT- and TC-Server along with a PC-based VT-Simulator!