ISOAgLib is licensed under GNU General Public License with exceptions for ISOAgLib.

The ISOAgLib Software (in the following “ISOAgLib”) shall be governed by the GNU General Public License v2 (in the following “GPL”). However, it will be subject to the exceptions set out in the following paragraphs concerning the integration of the ISOAgLib into other applications:

As a special exception to section (2) of the GPL, if other works integrate templates or use macros or inline functions from ISOAgLib, or if you compile ISOAgLib and link it with other works to produce a work based on ISOAgLib while only accessing classes with a prefixed "i" from the namespace "IsoAgLib", this integration, compilation or linking of ISOAgLib does not by itself cause the resulting work to be covered by the GPL as a derivative work of ISOAgLib.
However the source code of ISOAgLib itself, in unmodified and/or modified form, as the case may be, must still be made available in accordance with section (3) of the GPL.

The aforementioned special exceptions do not invalidate any other reasons why a work based on ISOAgLib is covered by the GPL. Furthermore, the aforementioned special exceptions shall prevail over any contradicting provisions of the GPL and/or any other license terms that may be applicable to the work based on the ISOAgLib.