How to contribute to ISOAgLib?

First of all, everybody is welcome to contribute to the ISOAgLib project.

To contribute, be sure to follow these guidesline:

  • Check-out the ISOAgLib Trunk via Subversion.
  • Modify/Enhance your local ISOAgLib working-copy.
  • Create a patch-/diff-file of your changes.
  • Send this file via e-mail to
  • Notice that by contributing your changes you accept our Contribution Agreement below.
  • The changes will be reviewed and eventually modified to match our technical requirements/conventions.
  • The changes may be commited to the repository and be made available in the next official release version or in case of important bug-fixes in the maintained release versions.

Contribution Agreement

The contributor grants to OSB AG all rights on the contribution that OSB AG would also have when they had done the contribution by themselves.